Life Thought

Life is a game, not a competition. Needing to always win will cause you to lose more than you can imagine. If a person knows they will always lose, after a while, they will no longer want to play the game. This is true at work, in marriage and, especially when dealing with your teenage children.

George Carlin, in my opinion, was America’s greatest philosopher and social conscience. In his last performance,he emphasized the point that more important than teaching our children to read, they must be taught to, “Question everything they read.”

Live intelligently rather than emotionally. Don’t just believe and repeat things you see, hear and read because you agree. Do the research. Learn the facts. They may not agree with what you like to hear or believe, but intelligent consideration is always better than emotional rant.

Give compliments freely. If you verbalize or write about complaints, at least balance them with positive statements on other occasions.Definitely compliment strangers. Absolutely compliment your loved ones.

The marriage ceremony almost always includes the words, “For better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. “This is not a multiple choice. If it were, the correct answers would be, “Better, richer and health.” Instead, the answer is, “I do or I will.”
Marriage is, in the words of a multiple choice test, “All the above.”

Every day is good. Some days are just “gooder” than others.

Just don’t talk about your religion or regularly go to your house of worship. Live your religion. Recognize ALL religions believe in a Supreme Being, regardless of the name they use. Remember that Atheists are nice people. It is okay to disagree with them and still accept their right to disagree with you. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

A smile is the best tension reliever. It has no negative side effects.


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Some Useful Thoughts of Life

One of these days is not tomorrow.

One of these days is today.

Waiting for one of these days is illusionary.

It is wishful thinking without action, fantasy without intent.

If you wait without action, one of these days will pass you by.

If you take action today, one of these days is here.

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