About Author

Graduated from Davis and Elkins, West Virginia College with double major, Psychology and Elementary Education, 1963.
Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa, October, 1975, one of four Valedictorians.
For 9 months prior to graduation, served as a faculty member and administrator while still being a student. This taught me to consider all points of view in all discussions and negotiations.
Taught children with learning disabilities for 10 years
Directed a program for Mentally Retarded (as was the terminology then) at New York Medical College/ Flower and 5th Ave. Hospitals, 1968-1970.
Lectured at international conferences associated with this field at the University of Madrid, Spain and the Royal Society of Medicine, London, England, 1969-1970.
Total of 40 years working with patients
One of pioneers in the U.S. is clinical studies and application of Low Intensity Laser Therapy
Lectured nationally and internationally regarding the use of Low Intensity Laser Therapy
Now retired from seeing patients
Minister with United Life Church
This is non-sectarian and non-denominational
I serve all people regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation
“We are all children of the same universe”
Married (eloped) November, 1962